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U. L. Eagles Christain Ministries ( Yoshi Do Jujitsu )&(Exercise) And Bible Study .

God Working In The Community

Working For God

It is an enjoyment working in our community and seeing how God is Blessing. We have had 10 people get saved since we got started,. in the Outreach. God has our family working together with the community.   Church Sensei is a Street Preacher. He enjoys working with all different ages in the community and we have the parents standing behind us.Thank God for upper laurel fire department for working with us to help give the children,teens,and the adults a place to learn about gods word, and give us a place to work with the areas youth.They are people from diff: churches an we are coming together in the name of the lord an making a diff: in our community. we give god all the praise for that. I have scene God move in the streets and in outreaches like this one as strong as I`ve scene him move in a church. we got to go out and compel them to come in, By being an example to the people that are on the street. Giving them someone to talk to, someone to listen when they need a ear to hear. Know matter what age,or belief,We are God`s children, lets be brothers and sisters to one another. Let christ rule your life! we had the wyoming county sheriff department, come in an give talks to the class on working with them, to stop violents in our community, and talk to the students and parents on drug abuse.officer Randy Brooks came and talks to the class. the point was to show the people that we are to work with the police and not be afraid of them. It works  really good the class asked a lot of questions,and got answers they was looking for, honest ones. U.L.Eagles Chiistain Ministries, has Boardmenbers Sharon Church Sec/tres, Debra Stapleton V.P. Randy& Sherry Brooks, Dina Duncan. And again I thank God we have a food pantry, We help with christain counseling or what ever we can do.If you enjoyed this site & would like to place yours here just email us.Donations can be sent to P.O. Box 113 GlenFork W.V. 25845  / U.L. Eagles Christain Ministries & Outreach Inc.


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Sensei Church 9th Dan, Phil Dehart 4th Dan, Chris Tolliver 3rd Dan, Jeremy Tolliver 3rd Dan, Kristy Hash 2nd Dan, Rachael Church 1st Dan, Karina Stapleton 1st Dan, Sharon Church sec/tres, Debra Stapleton V.P. We are dedicated to help change our community for the good . Thanks  to our Board Members Randy & Sherry Brooks, & Dina Duncan for all their help & support in helping us to change our community to, As Minister & Sensei I,m proud to have a gang like this backing me.
Above is a picture that we fight against, Guns miss used  as well as Drugs & other weapons the devil uses to destroy our familys. Adults Teens, & children needs to be taught about these thing.