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U. L. Eagles Christain Ministries ( Yoshi Do Jujitsu )&(Exercise) And Bible Study .

Yoshi Do Jujitsu Promotions

Yoshi Do Jujitsu Promotions

Casey Tilley----2nd Kyu Brown & Trainee Instructor
Katie Stapleton----3rd  Kyu Green & Jr Leader  
Jonie Tilley----3rd Kyu Green
Kristy Hash--- 2nd Dan Yoshi Do Jujitsu
Chris Tolliver----5th Dan Yoshi Do Jujitsu, 3rd Dan Jujitsu, 1st Dan American Free Style Karate, & Asst: Instructor
Jeremy Tolliver----3rd Dan Yoshi Do Jujitsu  
Halley Lafferty----2nd Kyu Orange 
Mike Brooks---2nd Kyu Green
Kody Paynter 2nd Kyu Green & Jr. Leader
Rachael Church 2nd Dan Yoshi Do Jujitsu & Trainee Instructor
Karinia Stapleton 1st Dan Yoshi Do Jujitsu
Joseph Baily 3rd KYU Green Yoshi do jujitsu
Randy Brooks 1st Dan Yoshi Do Jujitsu

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