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U. L. Eagles Christain Ministries ( Yoshi Do Jujitsu )&(Exercise) And Bible Study .

Church Sensei ,

Ranks Helded 

9th Dan Soke & Founder Yoshi Do Jujitsu USMA & A.F.J.And Kenseiryu International. Reconized O Sensei Porter & Master J.Moore
Shihan Peter Lee & Sensei Michael Adkins
5th Dan Ju Chikara Do
4th Dan Judo
4th Dan Jujitsu
4th Dan American Free Style Karate
1st Dan Matsumura Shorin-Ryu
Senior Certified Instructor
Certified Examiner
Nominated & Inducted into:
USMA Hall of Fame 2002
USMA Hall of Fame 2004

Christain Martial Arts 

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I`m a christian Martial Artist, I have found out its easy to hurt somebody ,But its hard for people to love & care for others.
as christains it should be our way of life. you without sin cast the first stone!!